you take Wholesale Orders?

Sure! Minimum 5units. Chat us on WhatsApp +2348158966094.

Can I request a Custom Order?

Sure! We can recreate the look you want. Kindly send photos via whatsapp +2348158966094 or Email: zichihair@gmail.com

How heavy are the wigs?

Not heavy at all. Nevertheless, the issue of weight can be tricky because what is heavy for one person may not be heavy for another, so it's kind of tough to tell what is ideal for everyone. However, the weight of a wig depends on the style, length, lace material, and capsizes. Standard full lace wigs weigh 1 kg, frontal wigs weigh between 0.90 kg to 1kg, and closure wigs are about 0.95 kg to 1kg. Frontal and closure braid wigs attached a mesh cap halfway through the wig, to conceal that, the braid density has to be full, resulting to weight increase.

Can I wear the wig glueless?

Yes, you can. All our full wigs are glueless. They come with an elastic band, an adjustable strap-on, and four combs to hold it perfectly in place.

Can I wash the wig after use?

Yes, you should wash your wig from time to time with lukewarm water and shampoo and then allow it to dry underneath the sun to avoid damp smell.

Are the wigs made with human hair lace wigs?
All our wigs are made with 100 percent human hair lace wigs .

Do you bleach the knots of your wigs?

 Yes we bleach knots.

How many years will the wig last?

with proper maintenance it can last for 3-5 years; if not properly maintained, it can last for 2-3 years.

What is the standard capsize?

The standard capsize is Medium Cap - measurement 22-22.5. We usually recommend customers to take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of their head before ordering our wigs. That way they'll know the perfect cap size for their head.
Who do use for shipping?